Gemcell AustraliaRobert Fergusson Pty Ltd is a member of the Electrical Wholesale buying group Gemcell. Gemcell is Australia's biggest independent electrical wholesalers group, and operate a total of 84 electrical outlets throughout Australia.

We are pleased to be associated with a dynamic and growing Electrical Wholesale buying group, enabling you our customers to benefit by getting the very best and latest products, and at a very competitive price. If you are in the electrical contracting industry we can supply all of your requirements, from cable, Bakelite, switchgear to lamps, tubes and commercial lighting we carry the lot.

Foreign companies are buying Australian electrical wholesale chains and sending their profits overseas. Dutch-owned companies like Lawrence and Hanson and Auslec, French owned companies like Rexel, Ideal Electrical, and American-owned Companies like AWM and DandW.

But you can help combat this alarming trend and enjoy the best in service, convenience and value into the bargain, by supporting your local Gemcell electrical wholesaler.

Gemcell member stores are 100% Australian owned and operated, so when you buy from a Robert Fergusson, every dollar you spend stays right here in Tasmania to help strengthen our economy. Buy from a Tasmanian company and help give Tasmanians of the future a better chance to inherit the lifestyle we enjoy at present.

A brief history of Gemcell.

Gemcell members have built the strength of the Gemcell network by giving their customers better service, by carrying a wider range of top quality merchandise, employing the best staff and ensuring that they are appropriately trained.

Gemcell members are all actively involved in the day to day running of their businesses, and are committed to offering the superior level of customer service that only an independent can offer - a level of service built upon Gemcell's 3 foundation stones: Strength, Convenience and Value.

Strength - Gemcell is 84 branches strong across Australia –each independently owned and operated. You benefit from personal service and quality advice from people who care.

Convenience - With the unique Gemcell Account, you can charge it at any Gemcell branch around Australia.

Value - With the buying power of 84 branches, Gemcell offers you more competitive prices everyday, plus regular specials.

To find us on the Gemcell web site simply go to: